Montgomery Restaurant Going Strong at 30; New Restos Coming to Central NJ; Proven! Organic Wine Taste Better

Tiger’s Tale Owner Explains Why & How His Eatery Has Thrived Since 1985

I asked Cory Wingerter, who just ended his year-long term as president of the NJ Restaurant Association, how Tiger’s Tale, his casual bar and eatery, has prevailed over – among other developments – several economic recessions and the 2006 ban on smoking that sounded the death knell for similar burger-mainstream beer-TV establishments. His sometimes surprising answers, here in the January issue of The Princeton Echo.

Princeton Getting New Middle Eastern Restaurant & Montgomery a New Asian Fusion

Mystery boxIn my Food for Thought column of that same issue of The Echo I give the lowdown on how a popular Lambertville restaurant is expanding into Princeton and name the NJ restaurant veterans who are taking on the long defunct (and some might say cursed) Tusk space on Route 206 just up the road, coincidentally, from Tiger’s Tale.
1/31/16 UPDATE: The Middle Eastern restaurant coming to Princeton is Marhaba, which has been a mainstay in Lambertville for several years. In this column I make a connection between Marhaba and New Hope Gyro. A co-owner of New Hope Gyro assures me that New Hope Gyro is not a takeout place but a sit-down restaurant. Nor should it be considered an express version of Marhaba. New Hope Gyro is at 82 South Main Street, New Hope PA.

American Association of Wine Economists Crunched Data on Experts’ Ratings of 74,148 Wines. The Incontrovertible Conclusion on Organic vs. Conventional?

red-wine-grapes-bottle-glass-11836717And I quote: “Little consensus exists as to whether eco-certified products are actually better than their conventional counterparts. … We use data from three leading wine rating publications (Wine Advocate, Wine Enthusiast, and Wine Spectator) to assess quality for 74,148 wines produced in California between 1998 and 2009. Our results indicate that eco-certification is associated with a statistically significant increase in wine quality ratings.” Geeks will want to read the full report here.


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