Breaking News: Sergeantsville Inn Reopens

Sergeantsville Inn

Sergeantsville Inn

The Sergeantsville Inn, which has been closed since a devastating fire last March, reopened about a week ago, says chef Joe Clyde, who owns the restaurant with his wife, Lisa. “There’s even more exposed stone than before,” Clyde says of the historic structure, “and the original dimensions are back.” The Clydes took advantage of the rebuilding process to expose a vaulted ceiling in the library dining room and converted what had been private office space on the second floor to a dining loft with balcony. (That new space and an outside dining area are awaiting final certificates of occupancy, which are expected by February.)

One response to “Breaking News: Sergeantsville Inn Reopens

  1. Charles Frischmann

    I rejoice with all of Sergeantsville! My house was just 3 doors down the road. I now live full-time in Thailand, but will never forget my happy years in beautiful Sergeantsville. All the best to you!

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