A Nearly 100% Food-free Post!

No Food Involved! Where to Clean or Fix Almost Anything

NJ Monthly cover Mar15

This is one you’ll want to print out and keep handy. For the March 2015 cover story the folks at  New Jersey Monthly scoured the state for top-notch pros who can fix everything from slate roofs to antique dolls. I was thrilled to contribute these Central NJ artiste-specialists, but there are many more categories & entries in the full story:

Princeton Violins, Kingston: Violin repair & restoration
New Jersey Barn Company, Ringoes: Historical barn restoration & design
Bregenzer Bros., Hopewell: Slate & copper roof restoration & design & chimney restoration
Cane and Able, Belford: Chair caning repair (732-462-3589)
Doll Dr. Kathleen & Michael’s Clocks, Marlboro: Doll & clock repair
Olek Lejbzon Co., Newark: Astonishing range of antique and modern home furnishings repair, conservation, and refinishing
Artisans of the Valley, Pennington: Master wood-crafting design & repair

A Rare Photo Essay

I freely admit that I don’t excel at photography. But I can’t help crowing about these time-lapse-style photos I took of the (zoomed) view of the lower Manhattan skyline at sunset during a recent dinner at Battello in Jersey City. I’ll report on the excellent meal at a later date, but for now feast on these beauties:

??????????????????????????????Battello near dark - CopyBattello after dark - Copy

Finally! A Food Item: Slow Food Central Jersey Farmers Market, Sunday March 1st


As I write this, more snow and a wintry mix are expected later in the day on Sunday, so take advantage of the 10 am to 2 pm time frame to stock up on locally grown and produced foods from these 15 premium vendors convening at Tre Piani restaurant in Forrestal Village:

Beechtree Farm, Birds & Bees Farm, Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse, Cherry Grove Farm, Chickadee Creek Farm, Davidson Exotic Mushrooms, Frank’s Pickled Peppers, Fulper Family Farmstead, Happy Wanderer Bakery, Jams by Kim, O Made Granola, Shibumi Farm, The Artisan Tree, Valley Shepherd Creamery, WoodsEdge Wools Farm.

Shibumi Farm Mushrooms

Shibumi Farm Mushrooms

For my personal shopping list I’m hoping to snag: Medieval levain bread & Jonathan’s cultured butter from Bobolink; Davidson’s portobello mushrooms; Fulper’s nigella seed mozzarella string cheese (I freely admit it: I am addicted); lion’s mane or any other exotic mushrooms from Shibumi; Valley Shepherd’s Nettlesome cheese; & eggs, fresh greens, and root veggies from Chickadee Creek or any farm that offers them. Wish me luck!


3 responses to “A Nearly 100% Food-free Post!

  1. Indeed I am wishing you luck, Pat, and eager to stroll the three ‘piani’/levels of Jim’s marvelous restaurant, with you, gathering rare edibles while we may! It’s funny to consider going local as pre-storm preparation. I love it!

    smiles c

  2. Hi Pat- You probably don’t remember me, but I worked for Karen Schloss and Frank Diaz. Though I am no longer with them, I still get your email and enjoy reading it. And I realize today, how fortunate. I hadn’t seen NJM’s cover story and am THRILLED with the information you shared and the focus of their story. I’ll have to buy a copy as I live in a Victorian home with antiques….all of which need repair at some point.

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work!

    best, emily

    • Emily: How nice to hear from you! I remember your name very well, and am glad the NJM story will be useful. I have to admit to a pang of envy that you live in a Victorian among antiques. (Written from my 1970s-vintage ranch house.)

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