Gifts for Foodies: My Annual List

A baker’s dozen of ideas for what to give those serious cooks, gourmands, and imbibers on your list – as well as young foodies-to-be. Here in the December 17 issue of US 1.

12-17 Cover & Front (1-9).indd

2 responses to “Gifts for Foodies: My Annual List

  1. Pat, speaking of Foodie Gifts, do you know that Fresh Fields catsup/ketchup comes in twin packs now — if one wants, one can have one traditional form of this remarkable condiment, and one marked ‘roasted’. I haven’t tried the roasted — have you? Eager to see what I know will be a masterful article by you on food in US1.

    best, c

  2. I haven’t tried the roasted, but I’m a big fan of all their other products, including their relish and their tomato puree – they label it ‘tomato sauce’ but it’s really the foundation of what makes a great pasta sauce. I picked up a bag of their hazelnuts at the Slow Food winter market last Saturday. They are part of the Rutgers research project.

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