Breaking News: New Chef at Eno Terra

This celebrated Kingston restaurant has been without an executive chef since the departure earlier this year of Chris Albrecht, the opening chef and very public face of the restaurant. Carlo Momo of the Terra Momo Restaurant Group has announced his replacement: Michael Metzner, a native New Jerseyan who has worked for star chefs Nicholas Harary and Dennis Foy, among others.

Michael Metzner Courtesy

Michael Metzner

Metzner, a Johnson & Wales graduate, last worked at Giovanni’s Bistro in Berkeley Heights. Before that restaurant closed earlier this year, it received a rating of Very Good from the NY Times, which cited Metzner’s “polished cooking” and “carefully articulated flavors.”

A fuller biography of the chef can be found at the Giovanni’s website, which is still up and running.

2 responses to “Breaking News: New Chef at Eno Terra

  1. Pat, I welcome a post from you, even of such brevity! Have you had a chance to taste this chef’s food, elsewhere or here?


  2. Good question, Carolyn! I’ve dined at Nicholas on and off throughout the years and have always had great experiences. I can only assume some of those involved Mr. Metzner’s handiwork. And my buddy Rosie Saferstein of Table Hopping with Rosie on says she was very impressed with his output at Giovanni’s Bistro. Chris Albrecht’s shoes will be hard to fill, but this choice bodes well.

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