All Restaurants, All the Time: Yellow Plum, Bloomfield; The Pind, Kingston; Central NJ Restos with a Water View

Don’t know if you noticed, but I’ve been awfully remiss in posting in recent weeks. But I have a great excuse! My beautiful daughter, Alice, got married to the equally beautiful Chris! See for yourself:

Cutting the cake

In the interim, I’ve been bursting out in print. First off, my review of Yellow Plum, from the May issue of New Jersey Monthly

NJ Monthly cover may14

I also have a new, additional gig as the first ever restaurant critic for the Montgomery News, the hometown paper serving that Somerset County town and Rocky Hill. Here’s my review of the fairly new, unfortunately named, and  already re-conceptualized Pind, from the April issue.

Montgomery News logo

And from the April issue of New Jersey Monthly (that’s how remiss I’ve been!) be sure to check out this feature on NJ’s great lakefront restaurants. (After all, why should the Jersey Shore hog all the attention?) I contributed the entries for Central NJ, and I’d like to hear from you if I missed any good ones.

NJ Monthly cover apr14


7 responses to “All Restaurants, All the Time: Yellow Plum, Bloomfield; The Pind, Kingston; Central NJ Restos with a Water View

  1. Hi Pat,
    Beautiful picture of your daughter and new son in law.
    I’m sure you are very excited!
    Carol, Market Roost

  2. Mazel Tov, Pat and Bill! I know it was a beautiful wedding.

  3. Thanks, ladies! The wedding could not have gone better and we could not be more thrilled.

  4. Linda Buccellato


  5. Linda Buccellato

    Our very best wishes to all your family at this very happy time. I am sure the wedding was delightful !!

  6. Thanks, Linda. The wedding truly was a delight, and we are thrilled to welcome Chris into our family.

  7. Pat, happy to know that Pind is Palace of Asia, which I always enjoyed to the hilt. I know nothing of Indian food except what they taught me, and found a certain elegance in its setting and foods most welcome. Had no idea what Pind was, but eager to try what it is.

    Best to you, in whatever land’s cuisine you may be wandering.


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