Fashion as Food for the Soul; Fairway Market Supports St. Jude’s & Firefighters

Now I’m Dispensing Fashion Advice??? And Telling You to Leave NJ for it? What the Heck?

I know, I know. DineWithPat is a food site, a Jersey-based food site. And I’m aware that even my most ardent admirer would never call me a fashionista. Yet I cannot stop myself from recommending in no uncertain terms that you visit the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition that’s coming to the Brooklyn Museum beginning October 25th.

I saw it in San Francisco last year, accompanied by my daughter Elizabeth (who is a bit of a fashionista) and my husband Bill, who as you can imagine had to be dragged there. Personally, I was never a fan of this avant-garde designer (think Madonna’s pointy-boobed corset), but the upshot was that the three of us spent an awe-inspiring 2 hours-plus going through the show, each equally enthralled. There were families with little kids in tow, too, and even the littlest ones were enraptured.

Paolo Roversi (Italian, b. 1947). Tanel Bedrossiantz, 1992.

Paolo Roversi (Italian, b. 1947). Tanel Bedrossiantz, 1992.

Clearly the fascination here goes beyond Gaultier’s genius and groundbreaking designs – not only for the catwalk but for cinema, ballet, and other performing arts. I guarantee that the innovative, multimedia curation (is that a word? curatorial art, maybe?) is unlike anything you’ve encountered. I don’t want to give anything away by describing it.

Almost a million people have already seen the show, which had runs in Montreal, Dallas, Madrid, Rotterdam, and Stockholm, in addition to San Francisco. The Brooklyn Museum is its only East Coast venue for Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk.

A new restaurant, Saul, opened mere days ago at the museum, so actually there is a food component to this post. This is how Florence Fabricant describes it in the NY Times: “Saul Bolton has recreated his Boerum Hill restaurant in the museum with a gracious dining room for new American fare, and a cafe, called the Counter, for casual bites.” Saul Restaurant

Woodland Park Fairway to Donate 25% of Receipts to St. Jude

I don’t know about you but I’ve had it with fundraisers that stipulate only that “a portion” of the proceeds goes to charity. I want to know exactly what portion. So I’m happy to promote this one, which also celebrates local firefighters:

Fairway Market

Fairway Market in Woodland Park (1510 US 46 West) will hold a shopping night to benefit St Jude Children’s Research Hospital on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 from 5 pm to 10 pm. This is the chosen charity of the Hawthorne Fire Department, the winners of Fairway’s Firefighters Food Face-Off which took place on August 25, 2013. Fairway will donate 25% of all registered receipts to St. Jude, the pioneering treatment and research facility which treats children with cancer and other catastrophic illnesses free of charge. The Hawthorne Fire Department was a two-man team, led by David Sylvester, that beat out rivals from the neighboring towns of West Paterson, Totowa and Little Falls, in a grilling throw-down.

2 responses to “Fashion as Food for the Soul; Fairway Market Supports St. Jude’s & Firefighters

  1. The Gaultier show sounds amazing. Thank you for posting!!

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