Lahiere’s Site to Become ‘Agricola’ in the Fall

Princeton Patch just broke the first details on what the new restaurant taking over the space of the erstwhile Lahiere’s in downtown Princeton  will be. Here is the Agricola site, which divulges a few tantalizing details.

To fill in a bit more: the scuttlebutt (unverified) is that the fellow behind Agricola – and the farm that the site mentions – made his money as a franchiser of Panera Bread operations in Northern & Central NJ. Although the restaurant’s site says Agricola is opening this fall, that seems a tad ambitious. Last week when I checked on the progress at the Witherspoon Street space, it was still basically an excavation site. There remains the same charmingly dated facade – a jumble of dark-green wood panels and ancient glass window panes in the doors. And while work was definitely in progress, there was still pretty much nothing but daylight behind the windows. Here’s hoping…

Agricola is the second new restaurant scheduled to open this fall in downtown Princeton. As reported here previously, the team behind elements – including chef Scott Anderson – hopes to launch their second restaurant, Mistral, then, too.

Want to know how restaurants are managing your visit behind your back? Discover some charming (and not so charming) restaurant lingo, courtesy of the NY Times: here.

2 responses to “Lahiere’s Site to Become ‘Agricola’ in the Fall

  1. Michael Redmond

    I’m still sorry to see Lahiere’s go. Is this to be another Italian restaurant? For French fare, who do you recommend? Best wishes!

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