Grilling for Dad’s Day; Guest Blogging; Grabbing Recipes

Grilled Chicken with Orange Soda BBQ Sauce is a fun recipe that’s perfect for Father’s Day. It comes courtesy of Jeremy Stahl, who teaches culinary classes at Mercer County College. Check it out in my latest In The Kitchen column in the Princeton Packet.

Accessing Past Recipes

Speaking of that publication, last week Sumi left a comment here asking where, without paying for it, she might find my recipe for Rani’s Sri Lankan Chicken Curry.  The recipe had run in my column several weeks back and I had linked to it. The Packet’s policy is to charge for access to anything over two weeks old. But I retain rights to my recipes, so I printed the full version in my response to her at dinewithpat. If that ever happens to you, just let me know and I’ll do the same for you.

Hey, I’m a Guest Blogger!

Earlier this week I posted a blog with the results of the Judgment of Princeton wine tasting. Check out my expanded version – including quotes from judge Francis Schott, NJ wine authority Gary Pavlis of Rutgers, and George Taber, the author of The Judgment of Parishere, as guest blogger for Sharla Blanz’s On the Vine column, at (That’s the nifty On the Vine logo at the left.)

I’m off to the Fancy Food Show this weekend!

…and will report back next week on that and on dining around DC.

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