Tis the Season: Farmers Markets, Food Fests, Birthday Fetes

Congratulations & Many Happy Returns…

…to Edible Jersey magazine on its 5th anniversary. The anniversary issue (summer 2012) of this free gem is out, so be sure to pick it up at Whole Foods, your local farmers market, and elsewhere. Click here for a complete list of where to find it.

…and to The Bent Spoon on its 8th anniversary.  As I write this, the Princeton ice cream shop is featuring the original 12 flavors it opened with.

Mousaka - (bottom center) Yahni (String Beans ...

Mousaka – (bottom center) Yahni (String Beans – top center) Pork Souvlaki (Kebab) – (left to right, center Rice Pilaf – (bottom right) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food Like Yia-Yia Makes

As a restaurant reviewer I like nothing better than to discover and then share with you terrific little eateries. But I have to confess that I’m a little loath to tell you about the Greek food at this week’s festival at St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Hamilton, Mercer County. This church is by no means the only one to mount such fundraisers, it’s just that the homemade food prepared by their parishioners is simply the best. Hence it’s a popular and crowded event – and although these dedicated women and men make tons of food, I’d hate for it to run out before I get there. They offer gyros and souvlaki outdoors but the real treats are inside, where they serve full lunches and dinners to eat in or take out. This spring’s event runs from Thursday (night), May 17 through Sunday, May 20th. Check out the specifics here.

Central Jersey Farmers Markets 2012

Each year around this time I give a rundown on what’s new and happening at this season’s batch of farmers markets in my In the Kitchen column in the Princeton Packet. I repeat it mainly because many readers have told me that they clip it out and keep it posted on their fridge as a reference for the entire growing season. In the May 4th issue, I give the 411 on a dozen or so of my favorites.

2 responses to “Tis the Season: Farmers Markets, Food Fests, Birthday Fetes

  1. I read each issue of “Edible Jersey” cover-to-cover — but I always mentally add “New” to “Jersey”!

    • I’ve often wondered what the folks on the isle of Jersey think when they google terms like “dining in Central Jersey,” “best of Jersey,” and such.

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