Too Funny, Too True

In the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Category: These are three listings in a row under New Restaurant Openings this week on Table Hopping with Rosie at

Johnny Napkins Sports Bar, 304 Rt 22 W, Springfield (973-379-3322).

La Cucina di Clemenza has relocated from Essex St, Millburn, to 382 Millburn Ave, Millburn (973-379-6700).

RigaTony’s, 101 Newark Pompton Tpk, Little Falls (973-837-8333); BYO.

And did you see the column on Restaurant Mental-Health-Code Violations  the April 23rd edition of The New Yorker? I guarantee you’ll relate. (Thanks, Nancy C., for bringing it to my attention.)

3 responses to “Too Funny, Too True

  1. I love (Table Hopping with) Rosie!

  2. hahaha! Good one Pat + Rosie!

  3. Funny! What would Nj dining scene be w/o you 2?

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