NOFA-NJ’s Winter Conference: Not Just for Farmers Anymore

With a name like the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New Jersey, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this non-profit has nothing to offer those of us who do not have organic farms.  But in my cover story in this week’s US 1, I tell you why you should consider attending their 2012 Winter Conference, which takes place at Princeton University this weekend.

In a nutshell: this Hillsborough-based organization’s broader mission is to reach out to stakeholders interested in, as their motto says, “healthy farms, healthy food, healthy land.” That includes us gardeners, home cooks, and consumers who care about making healthy food choices.

To see if it’s for you, read the story for a rundown of the conference’s two jammed-packed days of talks, panels, workshops, and sessions – not to mention a mixer at one of Princeton’s famed eating clubs.

Along the way, you’ll encounter interviews I conducted with three of the presenters, including Michele Jacobson of Monmouth County, whose book and talk by the same name is Just Because You’re an American Doesn’t Mean You Have to Eat Like One and with keynote speaker Shannon Hayes (pictured at right),  author of several books including The Grassfed Gourmet and Radical Homemakers. Hayes, who has been featured in The New York Times and on Northeast Public Radio, will be speaking on “The End of Consumerism,” which is the subject of her next book, due out in September.

A reminder: There’s still time to enter to win two cookbooks in the giveaway – my first! – that I announced in my previous post.

One response to “NOFA-NJ’s Winter Conference: Not Just for Farmers Anymore


    It was terrific seeing you at the conference, Pat…And thanks for that wonderful story. What a turn out!

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