Breaking News: Bobby Flay Wants You!

English: Uncle Sam recruiting poster.

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Like Uncle Sam, this celebrity chef is looking for a few good men and women.

Bobby Flay performing a cooking demonstration ...

Image via Wikipedia

He and the Food Network are planning a new show in which this celebrity chef will lend his expertise to a fledgling food entrepreneur. Might that be you? In particular, they’re looking for you if, as the show’s Facebook page specifies, are “bravely ditching your day job to pursue your passion of launching your own food business – with no culinary training.”

They want people who are planning to open a new restaurant (or bakery, or sandwich shop – that sort of brick-and-mortar food service establishment) butand here’s the kicker – with little or no prior professional culinary experience.

There are other stipulations, like you can’t be open already but are aiming to be this calendar year.

What’s in it for you? The party line is: “Those chosen will receive culinary & business coaching from Bobby Flay (a chef, restaurateur, and fixture on the Food Network) as well as invaluable national publicity.”

If you choose to apply, please, please  let me know! It would be so cool. On the other hand, don’t blame me if the experience turns into some Gordon Ramsay/Kitchen Nightmares-type fiasco. Caveat emptor, in spades.  For complete details, including what information to supply in your email application, visit the show’s Facebook page.

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